Reasons Religious School Might Be Right For Your Kids

2 Things Beyond Academics To Look For In A Private Elementary School

When looking for a private elementary school, you, of course, want to make sure the school's academic standards are high. Ensuring that a school is strong academically is just the first step to finding a good private elementary school, though. Here are two other things to look for when deciding where your kids will attend.

A School That Teaches Your Beliefs

First, make sure the school's philosophy and teaching are in line with your personal beliefs. Your children will be spending a lot of time at school, perhaps more than at home on some days. You'll want to be confident that what you're trying to teach them about right, wrong and morals is being reinforced in the classroom.

In some cases, you may be able to find a school that don't just teach your religion but is affiliated with your particular denomination or sect. Such a school should adhere closely to what you believe and what you hear at you religious gatherings.

In other cases, you might be able to find a school that teaches your religion -- but doesn't necessarily follow the nuances of your specific denomination or sect. These schools can still be great places to send your children. Such schools still teach the broad tenets of their associated religion, so kids learn the foundations of the faith. Within those foundations, the schools expose kids to multiple viewpoints -- challenging them to think about their faith and make it their own.

A School with Lots of Extracurriculars

Learning in school isn't just about being book-smart and excelling in the classroom. Children also learn a lot about themselves, the world and working with other people through extracurricular activities. They also get to refine skills that aren't necessarily taught in classrooms through the activities.

Make sure your children will have plenty of opportunities to learn outside the classroom through extracurricular activities. A good school will offer a variety of activities, such as sports, technology-related groups, intellectual endeavors and music groups. Additionally, these groups will engage in challenging activities that foster growth.

Some small religious private elementary schools might not have a lot of activities themselves. They can offer more activities to students than a school their size supports, however, by partnering with other organizations. Depending on a school's location, it might increase the number of students participating in activities and the number of activities offered by:

  • Letting students participate in extracurricular activities offered by a nearby public school
  • Inviting homeschooled students in to participate in extra
  • Partnering with local religious groups

All of these are great solutions that let students take advantage of additional extracurricular opportunities. Contact a school, like St Anne Catholic School, for more help.