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Three Ways That College Prep High Schools Give Your Child a Head Start

High school is one of the most important parts of your child's educational development. It is where your teen will learn the valuable skills that they will need to succeed in college, and their educational success in high school may very well direct the course of their life for the next five or ten years. While many public high schools in the United States are excellent places to learn, they are also forced to contend with a diverse student body of many varying skill levels of life goals. Schools focused solely on college preparation can provide your teen with many advantages that traditional public schools cannot.

Focused Education

Students at preparatory academies are expected to move onto higher education once they have completed high school. While many public schools encourage students to pursue higher education, they are not able to build an entire curriculum around that goal. If your teen intends to move on to college, then attending a college prep school is a great way to ensure that they receive an education that is focused on that goal. From day one, they will be learning skills that will help them succeed not only in high school but in college and beyond as well.

More Freedom

One of the unfortunate realities of public schools is that they offer little opportunity for truly independent student activity. Because they must often work within rigid one-size-fits-all rules or adhere to limiting tracking systems, students that would benefit from the ability to work independently often find themselves unchallenged and left behind. More prep academies have curricula specifically designed to encourage and foster independent student activity, however. Not only will this provide a challenging learning environment for your teen, but it will help to prepare them for the type of coursework they are likely to encounter once they move on to college.

A Leg Up on the Applications Process

It is a common misconception that preparatory school students are favored during the college admissions process. Your teen will not have an automatic advantage when applying for college solely on the basis of the school that they attend, but the skills they learn will provide them with a massive advantage. The often advanced and rigorous coursework that your teen will take during their preparatory education will help them to stand out against the competition. It will also prepare them for the difficult admissions process and entrance interviews that they will face when applying to competitive schools.

Many parents want to view preparatory school as a magic bullet that will pave the way for their child to enter a top-tier college, but the reality is far better and more interesting. College prep schools do not automatically guarantee admission to schools, but they will teach your teen the skills they need to actually succeed at those schools. And the skills they learn will carry on far beyond that, helping them to achieve success throughout the rest of their lives.